Why Even Blog?

To say that I've been thinking about blogging for a while would be an understatement. My issue: I honestly didn't know how to make the jump from the traditional journalism I’ve done for over 10 years to blogging. My new gig at an awesome start-up doesn’t involve much writing so I need to give blogging a go because I’ve missed writing so. damn. much.

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I didn’t even realize until recently I was in a sort of creative funk because I wasn’t writing. I started to feel uneasy and, at times, panic even. But I took a step back and went to my friend's house, ahem Kathleen Pagan (check out her website, it’s so good!), and talked to her about this exact issue. She was all about it! #Yas So, that’s one person who will be reading this bad boy.

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I told her that I wanted to start blogging in the new year but I kept worrying and asking myself, "What would be the point?" or "What's the angle?" and even worse, "Would I just be blabbing into the abyss?" and then, “Why even blog!?” Like who cares what I have to say about anything, right? Nope. Wrong. I care. When I came to that conclusion, it seemed like reason enough to start blogging. That’s pretty much how a conversation in my head takes place. I go from, “Who the hell do you think you are, Cindy?!” to “Girl, you are fab. Take a selfie.”

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Starting this also took a bit of time because I knew once I dove in, I would want to write from a personal, honest and vulnerable place. I want to keep it real because there really isn’t enough vulnerability on social media. Don’t forget, what you see on social media is not real life. 

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So I'm going to share a piece of my life with you as my own creative outlet and hopefully even inspire you a little bit. I might even talk about how I find the time to stay involved in so many creative projects while still making time for the gym, friends and family, and tend to my pets. Because a lot of people ask me about that. I really do love being productive and staying organized to make time to be creative all while staying true to myself. There’s also inexplicable pleasure in creating for the sake of creating and writing does that for me.

I know I’m a little late to the blogging party so excuse me while this blog doesn’t quite have a niche just yet. I know that within time it will find it’s own path. For now, let’s just call it “lifestyle”.

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Shout out to Kehlani for her amazing GIF reactions