Does Hollywood have a Latino problem?

The headlines for the new season of ABC's "The Bachelor" read: "The Bachelor returns with its first Latino," "Hola, Juan Pablo," and "Expect 'lots of Latino' fun."

And millions are tuning in to watch Juan Pablo Galavis, a 32-year-old former professional soccer player who is American-born but grew up in Venezuela.


9 times I felt like I lost my Latino cred

I know what you're thinking, "Cindy, you're fabulous and more than enough!" While I completely agree with you, there have been instances in my life where I have felt like I lost all Latino credibility. Let me explain.


Jorge Narvaez: The Story Behind The Most Famous Single Dad On YouTube (EXCLUSIVE)

In 2010, Jorge Narvaez picked up his guitar and sang a song with his then 6-year-old daughter, Alexa, and shared their cover of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero’s “Home” with the world on YouTube. Three weeks later, they had millions of views and became the new kind of famous only found on the internet.


How not to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

If you didn't already know, Cinco de Mayo is a bigger deal in the United States than in Mexico. Here, this unofficial holiday is almost as popular as, oh, St. Patrick's Day -- which means it's unfortunately become a drinking holiday. So much so that it's been nicknamed, Cinco de Drinko and even Gringo de Mayo.



Caine’s Arcade: 9-Year-Old Boy Builds His Own Cardboard Arcade (VIDEO)

Meet Caine Monroy. He is nine years old and he spent his summer break last year meticulously building a makeshift arcade—appropriately named “Caine’s Arcade”— made out of cardboard boxes in his dad’s auto part store.

Smart Parts Aftermarket is located in an industrial part of East Los Angeles, and is predominantly a Hispanic neighborhood, according to the Census. The auto store doesn’t get much foot traffic; in fact, Caine never had a customer until filmmaker Nirvan Mullick showed up.