My Non-Stereotypical Weekend in Miami (First Vlog!)

Anytime I tell people that I am heading down to Miami for the weekend, they immediately assume I'm going to be dancing salsa in Mango's on Ocean Drive. Which, by the way, it totally fine if that's your scene but it's not mine anymore. I love to go out and dance but now I try to avoid tourist traps. This time around I kept it chill and loved it. I came back refreshed and didn't feel like I needed a day to recover from being away. 

I stayed with a good friend of mine, Annie, who is a Miami-based fashion blogger. You can check out on Instagram.

The only "stereotypical" thing we did while I was there was check out Wynwood, which has changed a lot since I was there in 2014. I love murals and can't stay away. 

And, while I was there, we went to yoga class not just once, but twice. Then headed back home to rest and go out at night. Lots of chill bars with live rock music and craft beers. Not your typical Miami night and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. 

And, we, of course, went to the beach. I even took a nap on the beach. So, yes, we were far away from noise, parties, and pretty much any chaos. We hung out in Coral Gables. And, I even carved out some time to check out the Pérez Art Museum Miami, also known as, PAMM.

More visuals in the vlog. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.